Are you writing a thesis or paper?

Let me edit it.

You get peace of mind!

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Many people confuse editing with proof-reading, which corrects only language mistakes.  My editing also improves the structure, content, language style, development and presentation. Moreover, I resolve ambiguities and eliminate verbosity. The result is prose optimized for readability and comprehension.

My experience extends over 15 years as editor at Ghent University in Belgium, where I edited hundreds of papers written by renowned researchers and published in highly esteemed journals. This has been followed by many years as a self-employed editor. 

About me

I am a senior editor and member of the board of directors of Libyan Journal of Medicine, the top ranked Libyan Journal.

Contact information

amin@ and the rest is the domain name of this website


“Dr. Amin Bredan is a true top-class editor. He is fast, precise and creative.”

Prof. Claude Libert

Senior research group leader, Ghent University

“I have been thoroughly impressed by his attention to detail.”

Prof. Geert Berx

Senior research group leader, Ghent University

“Working with Dr Amin Bredan is like discussing the manuscript with a member of the research team.”

Prof. Omran Bakoush

College of Medicine & Health Sciences, UAE University

“I value his corrections, suggestions and comments.”

Prof. Frans Van Roy

Director, VIB inflammation Center & DBMB, Ghent (retired)

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